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I believe that while some people have problems, they are not necessarily bad people, and should not be punished just because they have made bad decisions or gotten themselves stuck in a situation with no obvious solution.
— George S. Glass, M.D.

My Approach

Over the 40 years I have been in practice, I have seen many fads come and go.  I believe that psychotherapy was and continues to be the most effective treatment and that medication sometimes enhances the therapeutic process.  I use both therapy and medication when I think that it is called for, but I am not a “Med Check” psychiatrist that will see you for 15 minutes, then put you on medication, and let the treatment be done by someone else.  I prefer to spend time with each patient to help you and I understand the issues.  

On occasion, I will hospitalize a patient, but only if it is necessary and only when other efforts to treat them have not worked. Because I have extensive experience in treating individuals who have had substance abuse problems, I will evaluate and sometimes detoxify a person as an outpatient, but I will decide on an individual basis.

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